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My year on the Doulos Training Programme: Jane Saffu

janesaffuWhen the 2015/6 Doulos Development Year was announced, although I knew it would be beneficial I found myself thinking 'but I'm doing ok without it…' ‘Do I really need to put myself forward and draw attention to myself…?’ ‘I don’t want to dance at the front of church!’. I knew it was the best thing for me but I wanted to be a bit stubborn. 

The Sunday before the sign up deadline, I remember signing during worship “To you our hearts are open, nothing here is hidden. You are our one desire”. I felt God say ‘and you won’t do Doulos’! Following that conviction, I signed up and so it began.It’s been such an incredible 9 months filled with excellent teaching, fun times, weekends away, challenging projects, continuous support and spiritual growth.

Doulos has brought about some significant changes for me. Firstly, I’ve learnt to hear God’s voice better. In fact, by the end of the first term I was wishing God would stop talking due to the challenging nature of what He was saying! Secondly, I’ve learned to be open and vulnerable. This started with my trainer, Heidi, and is now overflowing to other relationships.  The benefits are significant; I now see how God uses our relationships to communicate His love, to encourage and to nurture us.

My project, serving as a youth leader has required me to plan, prepare, build relationships and do things I've never done before. Through this I have learned to be flexible and depend on God.

I am so thankful to God for His faithfulness, the journey He’s taken me on and for the ongoing transformation.
If you want to focus on your relationship with God and see Him develop you, I highly recommend signing up for the Doulos adventure.

Jane Saffu

Jane Saffu, 15/06/2016

Old Testament Law & the Charge of Inconsistency 

I love quiet mornings like this one. I sat at my kitchen table in my new suit. A classic fit, single breasted two-buttoned navy blue Charles Tyrwhitt. 77% wool, 23% linen.
With my cup of steaming coffee and bacon butty.  I watch the gentle breeze sway the leaves of the green beans and tomato plants in the vegetable patch just outside the back door.
As I open my bible I pray my usual prayer “search me, God, see if there is any offensive way in me”.
I stroke my neatly trimmed beard as I thumb through the pages.
This is when it dawns on me…I’ve just broken 4 commands before breakfast!
Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together. (Deu 22:11)
The pig is also unclean… You are not to eat their meat (Deu 14:8)
Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed (Lev 19:19)
Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard. (Lev 19:27) 
So if we honestly believe “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16) how do I justify living contrary to these verses?!
How do we pleased God through honouring the scripture? How do we interpret these verses? Which commands still apply?
If you have any of these questions – you may find THIS ARTICLE by Tim Keller helpful…
It may just avert us stoning to death our rebellious children (Deu 21:20-21)


Jamie Singleton, 03/08/2017

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"I love Kingdom Community and shared life..." 

Leah Pacleb reflects on her 4 month immersive visit

Leah-Pacleb   Why are you here?
I came here as a representative for my father, Leroy and the Philippines for the Pilgrimage 17 conference. Prior to my coming here, John and Dawn Singleton spoke of this program called Doulos and that I should do it when I have the chance but due to some pre scheduled commitments, I couldn’t be here for when the course started in October. Since I was coming late into the program, I thought I was just sitting in on the last few classes that I was here for but what I did not expect was for this intense 10 month program to be crammed into the 6 weeks after the Pilgrimage 17 conference.

What was the highlight of the Pilgrimage 17 conference?
I looked forward to the morning bible study and it turned out to be my favorite out of the whole weekend. The messages from Mark, Keith and Prince were very powerful and each leader made such an impact because I related to every single one of them in various ways. God placed us in different parts of the world but Norma summed it up nicely for me, “We were born because God has a purpose we have to align with.” He brought us together for His purpose.  Meals felt like an entire clan has come together for family reunion. It was a lovely time catching up with the people I have met from the previous time and meeting new friends as well.

What do you hope to take away from here?
A fine tuning of God’s ‘phone line’ so that I can hear Him better when He communicates with me. Lifeline is this training ground for me to try and apply as much of the things that I have learned in the kingdom way and have the people I’m accountable to guide me along the way.
What is your vision to reshape the work in Miami and the Philippines?
Being exposed to the activities that surrounds Lifeline gives me a new insight on how to deal with certain things in Miami and the Philippines. Specifically on how to reach out to the community, I love the idea of families being together while learning English but it has to be altered in the Philippines because learning English is not a big issue but the idea of spending time with your family and doing things together can bring closeness to the community. Volunteering in the Corner Coffee House also gives that different approach in meeting people outside of church.

What are your reflections on the lifeline community? What have you observed and picked up?
I really love the execution of kingdom community and shared life. I feel like it is something everyone in the community should be very privileged about in being a part of. Experiencing shared life for a month already has its benefits, I’ve been held accountable numerous times for the convictions that I have shared with my mentors and I’m growing because of that. I’ve been away from my family for 3 months now going on 4 months. It is the first time that I have been away from home for so long but I never felt homesick at all because being here felt like being home. Lifeline makes you feel like you’re part of this gigantic family.  Everybody has gone out of their way to put my needs before their own and it is very humbling.

Leah Pacleb, 30/06/2017

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Happy & Healthy @ The Hub     

By Judi Singleton

judi-bethany   Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 2107 

I’m passionate about reaching out to people where they are. I like to help them find freedom from things which can hold us captive, such as fear, anxiety, stress or illness. That’s why a friend and I started running a group called Happy & Healthy, where we explore all aspects of health, and our relationship with our health – not just our physical wellbeing, but also our emotional and spiritual health.  Happy and Healthy also includes a class called Stretch & Tone which is based on Pilates, and also a circuit training session. 
This means a lot to me is because there were times when stress, fear and anxiety ruled my life, and I didn’t always realise how much.  I’m a Christian, in a happy marriage and part of an amazing church community but I really struggled to let go of issues, suffering physical and emotional stress related illness, and a lack of peace and joy. 
When I stopped working to have children, I had built my value around the work I had been doing, not who I am, so I really struggled when that came to an end.  However, God has brought me on a journey towards wholeness, showing me my value, releasing me from fear and anxiety, and teaching me to enjoy relationships and life by trusting Him and the people around me more. 
Happy and Healthy runs at The Hub – our vibrant community centre on Bennetts Castle Lane.  I started going there when I had my first child, five years ago, and since then I’ve been going at least once a week most weeks!  I’ve met a lot of people and have enjoyed varied activities for myself and for my children.  The crèche is a time where my children have really benefitted from the care and enthusiasm of other volunteers. They give their time to set up fun activities and look after the children while I’ve been enjoying some adult company!  It’s also made a great difference for my children as they’ve settled into pre-school and nursery.
Come and join us – discover a Happy and Healthy way.

FREE.  Tuesdays, 9:30-10:10
163 Bennetts Castle Lane, Dagenham.


Judi Singleton, 06/11/2016

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PJ reports on the One Young World International Summit in Ottawa    


PJ has recently returned from Ottawa. He was part of an International Summit of 196 countries as a One Young World Ambassador. Wherever PJ travels he has amazing opportunities to talk about our vision and values as worked out in Sierra Leone. 
“We no longer accept every invitation we receive to speak, but this trip to Ottawa felt different. I wanted to go because God has given us a message, it is part of ‘possessing the gates’, and also the opportunities to connect with potentially friends who could join us in our mission to rebuild Sierra Leone. It’s a vision God has given us but we are not only receivers - we seek to give and the message of relationship, community, faith that we carry is something the world needs.
Our message came through clearly in my conversations. What resonated with those who listened to me was our declaration that relationships are more important than programmes.
It has been an interesting trip for me this time. I felt I spoke more freely about my faith as a driving force and enabler of what we do. 
On returning to London I was speaking on leadership, vision and mentoring followed by a Q&A with associates fellows at the International Youth Conference of the Royal Commonwealth Society, where young people from across the commonwealth gathered. During the Q&A I was asked, “what sustains you?”.  I was able to say boldly that I am sustained by faith, by prayer and by a good team.
It has been an interesting walk for me as I feel the freedom to point back to the things of God more easily. I thank God for the grace to do this and the opportunity to give him glory and refer to the team, which includes this whole community. For example before I left, Bec Coles gave me a word, which I shared with John who then added to it. This informed the way I approached the whole summit.
Yesterday felt the most authentic and freeing to me. 
I was attending sessions on leadership, business, community engagement, policy and politics….. and meeting Presidents, leaders of some of the biggest businesses across the globe and many impressive people, but I could just chat and share what God has done with us with no fuss and in a very relaxed way. Wonderfully, people want to hear what God is doing, and continue to offer support and a desire to work with us.
My delivery in these things can get better, but the message that God has given us came through clearly.
Thank you to everyone who has been upholding me in prayer."

PJ was a guest on two live shows from the United Nations, one with the Deputy Secretary of the United Nations and the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ahead of the summit for Refugees and Migrants. You can watch the first programme (13 minutes)  here. PJ appears via Skype at 7 minutes. The second programme is here (PJ from 4:20)

PJ Cole, 07/10/2016

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Jesus brings healing to those of other faiths 

Sally Dixon shares stories from our special Week of Celebration at The Hub

When we were asked about our expectations for our Week of celebration at The Hub, we knew that we wanted to see people encountering Jesus, being healed, set free and deciding to follow him. 

We also knew that we wanted the whole team to have a greater boldness and confidence in communicating the gospel. But we had little idea what that would look like. We also had no idea just how exciting the week would be. All we knew was that this was going to be an adventure. 

And what an adventure it’s proving to be (note the present tense - the celebration week may have officially finished but God is still moving in power today as I write this). Let me joyfully share the following highlights:

  • A Muslim woman asked for prayer for her husband who was unable to work regularly due to a shoulder injury resulting in back and leg pain. He had been on pain relief medication for two years. As members of the team prayed with the woman, she experienced the Holy Spirit but when she went home she said nothing to him and there there was no improvement in her husband’s health. The next morning she came to the Hub very excited, saying that her husband had got up early that morning and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t in pain. She told him we’d prayed and he was amazed. Yesterday (Monday) she shared the story with the Creative English class and said that he has stopped taking his pain medication and is completely healed. “Jesus did it!” she said.
  • As a result of hearing that story, a Hindu woman in the class asked for prayer for her back. She felt heat in her back and was healed. She immediately went and told her friends what had happened.
  • Today another woman from the English class brought her Muslim neighbour along. She had had heard the healing story and immediately said she wanted to come to Castle Point to meet the person. We told her about Jesus and prayed with her for healing. She said she wants to come to join in with everything we do.
  • In another instance, a lady had been talking about Jesus with members of the Hub team for a few weeks. She was very thankful because she was convinced that God had saved her young son from being killed in a car accident. However she was very settled and secure in her own Hindu faith. As our Celebration Week continued her position changed and she invited Jesus to show her if he is real – ‘because if he is then I want to know him’. Her husband came to the fun day on Saturday and spent some time talking and praying with team members. He said he was disillusioned with Hinduism as no-one could ever explain the point of all the rituals. He also asked Jesus to show him if he’s real.
  • At Play Together a woman who has been attending for years made a decision to follow Jesus. She said, “I feel like a big weight has lifted from my shoulders”.
  • Also at Play Together a Turkish woman was healed. She’d had pain in her leg for two years and found walking difficult. As she was prayed for she said she felt shivering in her leg then the pain left.

In addition to these, there are a number of other things that stand out from the week:

  • Firstly, many of the prophetic words and insights we were given beforehand proved to be most helpful and remarkably accurate. For instance, a picture of angels on the gates at Castle Point, like bodyguards ensuring that all weapons were left at the gate so that there would be no spiritual barriers as people came in. We really found that to be the case – people were very open to being prayed for and one woman who is influential and can be resistant, was positive and seemed affected by the stories she was hearing
  • There were several words of knowledge relating to individuals – we saw an outworking of each one: from someone being afraid of drowning to finding God’s key for an older Muslim woman.
  • The decision to talk about Jesus, rather than God was an important one. Almost all of the people who come to the Hub would say they believe in God – but hardly any understood who Jesus is, or that he makes a difference to our lives.
  • The short testimony photos that we used were very powerful and led to lots of conversations as people asked questions about how Jesus had brought change to so many lives.
  • The other outstanding thing was the commitment and willingness of the team to be involved. Many came to the Hub every day just to be around to chat or to help wherever they were needed. The Fun Day on Saturday couldn’t have happened without people’s willingness to put themselves out to serve. And time after time people stepped out of their comfort zone to share the love of Jesus in a bolder way than we’ve previously seen.

These are not the only stories, and I’m sure the list will grow as we continue to celebrate the difference that Jesus makes. It’s been an outstanding week but it’s just the beginning of this particular adventure at The Hub!


Sally Dixon
July 2016


Sally Dixon, 20/07/2016

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A team visit to Iraq: Emma Botterill tells us more

 WhatsApp-Image-20160630 WhatsApp-Image-20160708

In the early hours of Monday morning, 27th June, the first ever team from LifeLine set off to Iraq to see and help the work being done in the refugee camps around the Dohuk area. We met with the Egyptian team, and bonded really well. Each day, we visited a different camp, three of which were IDP camps (Internally Displaced Persons). 

Already, five bakeries have been established in 4 camps, producing and selling bread at a reduced price so that families within the camps can afford to buy it. However due to limited funding only 3 are currently running. We visited two to see how they worked and the impact they had on the surrounding area, since their presence has generated jobs for some of the local people

Each day the team set up a clinic for people to see doctors, and also receive prayer where we saw a number of healings. We also ran some youth and children’s work throughout the week. At first the language barrier seemed daunting, as conversations needed to be translated from English to Arabic to Kurdish, and back again. However, each day God provided people from the camps who could translate for us, enabling us to pray and share the gospel with individuals, and set up games with the kids. 

It was wonderful to see the children so full of joy and generosity, and we all have faces and names of people that we’ll never forget.

It was an amazing week of seeing God’s healing power, provision and compassion for both the team and the people of Iraq.


Emma Botterill, 09/07/2016

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