Church Life 

Young People


Mission: To raise God-connected young people who can stand firm in their own faith

God created a world which would reflect His glory. God has overcome any and all barriers which undermine our ability to relate to Him and therefore reflect His image through his consistent love and his acts of redemption, most clearly demonstrated by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Throughout history God has interacted with mankind, interweaving their lives into his eternal purpose from the days of Adam to now. We, who walk the earth today, now carry the baton. It is our time to play our part in His plan.
Through sharing life with the young people, taking a genuine interest in their lives, and allowing them to matter to us we are able to teach the young people about God’s love for them. We encourage them to be filled with the Holy Spirit who is able to equip them to live as God requires.
The youth leadership team seeks to introduce the young people to a loving God who is to be enjoyed and followed. Through mentoring and allowing the young people to matter to us we are able to give a hint of His bottomless love towards them. We are here to help the youth connect with God and then to help them figure out what it means to love and submit to Him.
We believe God has the best plan for our lives. He doesn’t make mistakes. We encourage our youth to find their identity in Him and what He says even though they live in a world which is noisy with a faulty value system. By choosing to believe what God says we have will find we stand out but we will also bring hope and a future to the world God so loves. This stance would be impossible without the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
The vision of the youth leaders is to rise up God-connected young people who can stand firm in their own faith.

Jamie Singleton leads our Youth Team.

WATCH: Trailer - Jamie share's our heart for young people. 


We aren’t here to entertain, teach morals, or make you feel good about yourselves. But these things may come as a side effect.
The sessions we run are designed to help you realise and submit to God’s rule in your life.
We aren’t trying to work out our own opinion – we are seeking to learn God’s.
God loves you and has better plans for you than you could dream of or grab for yourself. As you seek first His kingdom all else will be given to you.