Testimonies of Thankfulness

Over the past few Sundays people have sharing what they are thankful for. You can listen to the audio online by clicking on the title or download a podcast using the 'download' links.
Jo and Richard - Baby Thanksgiving (download)
Jo and Richard Wright, 05/11/2017
Lynn Coles - God's Protection (download)
Lynn Coles, 22/10/2017
Lisa Adams - Divine Favour (download)
Lisa Adams, 22/10/2017
Fiqeret Sefolli - God's Provision (download)
Fiqeret Sefolli, 22/10/2017
Sam Warlow - Doulos Testimony (download)
Sam Warlow, 16/07/2017
Nick Brewer - Doulos Testimony (download)
Nick Brewer, 16/07/2017
Fiqeret Sefolli - Doulos Testimony (download)
Fiqeret Sefolli, 16/07/2017
Claire Akerman (download)
Claire Akerman, 16/07/2017
Youth Day Away Testimonies (download)
Various, 30/04/2017
Zeffie Testimony (download)
Various, 09/04/2017
Alpha Testimonies (download)
Various, 21/05/2017
Paul and Noah Haycraft (download)
Paul and Noah Haycraft, 14/05/2017
Anita Testimony (download)
Anita, 14/05/2017
Jo Haycraft - Testimony (download)
Jo Haycraft, 23/04/2017
Laura Sykes Testimony (download)
Laura Sykes, 23/04/2017
Ella Shetewi Testimony (download)
Ella Shetewi, 09/04/2017
Ram's Testimony (download)
Ram, 02/04/2017
Rachel Wright Testimony (download)
Rachel Wright, 02/04/2017
Leonie Garland - Testimony (download)
Leonie Garland, 26/02/2017
Sheila Wright - Testimony (download)
Shelia Wright, 26/02/2017
Fernando Angulo-Diaz - Pilgrimage 17 Testimony (download)
Fernando Angulo-Diaz, 05/02/2017
Teah Baiden - Alpha Testimony (download)
Teah Baiden, 05/02/2017
Susan Haward - Thanksgiving (download)
Susan Haward, 29/01/2017
Dave Gibbons - Story of Provision (download)
Dave Gibbons, 29/01/2017
Mireille Large - Forgiveness Testimony (download)
Mireille Large, 15/01/2017