Church Life 

Foundation Course 

We encourage people who are connecting with the church to do the Foundation Course as a way of getting to know more about our foundations, values and flavour. 

The Foundation Course has three modules and people can work through each module at a pace that is best for them. Only after completing the final module will you be asked to make a decision about whether you want to fully commit to joining the church.
The three modules are:
  1. Foundations of Faith:
    • a four part module which looks at the core elements of being a follower of Jesus.
  2. Kingdom Living:
    • a nine part module which covers all aspects of how we believe God wants us to live.
  3. Being part of LifeLine:
    • LifeLine is part of God’s worldwide body and this four part module looks at what it means to be part of a community of believers.

All modules are taught in small groups and provide a great opportunity to get to know people and explore the principles being discussed.  It is interactive and gives lots of opportunity to talk about what people think, ask questions and hear from others. 

Have a look at our online prospectus to see when the course runs and to sign up.

For more information contact us.