Church Life 


Praying together is an essential part of our church life.  As well as praying in weekly House Groups, Sunday morning gatherings and with friends, we also have focussed times of prayer.

Governmental Prayer

We meet every Tuesday morning for Governmental prayer.

Governmental prayer is a breakthrough prayer.  It is authoritative and based on prophetic discernment of God’s will.  It has momentum and spiritual force, bringing light and faith into the territories of the enemy as we look to see the purposes of God fulfilled in the earth. [see Isaiah 14:24-26]
First Tuesday prayer and fasting

On the first Tuesday of each month, LifeLine church gathers to pray. According to God's agenda, we seek Him for one another, for our wider community and involvements and for those in the Network overseas.

These are important times where we hear God together, declare His word and find ourselves shaped for the way ahead. Whole nations and systems are changed when we pray.

In preparation for these times, many of us also fast. Going without food for the day helps us to draw closer to God and turn our attention to Him more fully.

Intercessory Groups

God has called His people to have those ready who will stand in the gap and strengthen defences at a time of attack.

Many who are called to the role of intercessor belong to groups which meet weekly for an hour, or more often as the need arises, to pray into particular needs there are amongst us. These may emerge suddenly and move fast and so need a rapid response.

The intercessors are the church's special forces. We have seen many significant breakthroughs when they pray.