Training and Development 



Personal Growth


DoulosSign up
For those wanting a new phase of growth in their relationship with God.

Our most impactful personal development course that has
transformed hundreds of lives over the years. Expect high-quality
teaching, a stimulating reading list, the support of a personal
mentor, practical project work, a residential weekend and of
course - to be challenged, motivated and shaped by the Holy
Spirit. You’ll never be the same again.

When: A 10 month, weekly programme 
Course Co-ordinator: Richard Griffin
Foundation Course
For anyone who wants to become part of the LifeLine Church community.

A three part course where you explore what it means to be part of LifeLine Church. What we believe, what we do and why we do it. Explore with others our basis of faith, principles of Kingdom living and being part of the community.

When: Throughout the year. Applications needed by September.  Contact us for more information.


Peaced TogetherSign up
Women only.

A 10 week course using creative arts as a way of encouraging women to reflect on where they are in life and empower them to realise they can make positive choices for their future leading to hope and peace.

When: Periodically, usually twice per year.

Course Co-ordinator: Heidi Singleton


Sign upMinistry Training School
Open to people who want to build confidence in using spiritual gifts.

Sharpen your spiritual sight and practice in a relaxed environment. These monthly Sunday night teaching workshops
will build your confidence in hearing God and being led by the Holy Spirit in ministry to others.

When: Completed. Enquire about future opportunities with coordinator
Course Co-ordinator: Avril McIntyre


Sign upCrossroads
For anyone ready to explore and welcome positive change in their life .

Crossroads is a programme that will challenge and inspire you to step outside your circumstances, learn new skills and strategies, be honest with yourself and then pick up life with renewed purpose and quality.

When: Sign up to register your interest
Course Co-ordinator: Amanda Simmons

Better Money ManagementSign up
An essential course for everyone, exploring principles of finance and what it means to ‘live by faith’. 

Includes practical training of money management through teaching
and one-to-one sessions. Conducted over two sessions.

When: Sign up to register your interest
Course Co-ordinator: Debbie Smith

Alpha CourseSign up
Introduction to Christian Faith

Alpha gives everyone the opportunity to explore the basics of Christian faith in a relaxed, friendly setting. The Alpha course meets once a week for 10 weeks.

When: Periodically, once or twice per year. 
Course Co-ordinator: Debbie Smith