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LifeLine Network International 


LifeLine Group - LNI
LifeLine Network is a growing and dynamic group of grassroots community organisations and NGOs based in 17 countries around the world. We help one another rebuild our communities through exchanging knowledge, expertise and resources. All Network members have come together to fight the poverty, injustice and hardship that afflict our world.

All partners work with their communities to build a better, self-sustaining future for themselves and for their children. By transforming life after life, family after family and whole villages at a time, we are building for the future of our world.


As a network of partnerships built to empower people locally, nationally and globally, we are the indigenous people, the strategy people, the specialist people.
We believe in breaking cycles of poverty and injustice at grassroots level. Being part of this starts with a belief that ordinary people can change the world by coming together to do amazing things – things like building shelters, growing crops, digging wells, fighting sickness and sharing knowledge.

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