Spirit of Adventure Testimonies

Listen to testimonies from our Spirit of Adventure series. You can listen to the audio online by clicking on the title or download a podcast using the 'download' links.
Lucy November - Sierra Leone (download)
Lucy November, 11/12/2016
Dave Gibbons (download)
Dave Gibbons, 11/12/2016
Miriam Alexander (download)
Miriam Alexander, 04/12/2016
Julia Tizzard - Dominica Testimony (download)
Julia Tizzard, 04/12/2016
Julia Tizzard - Spirit of Adventure Testimony (download)
Julia Tizzard, 13/11/2016
Lucy November - Spirit of Adventure Testimony (download)
Lucy November, 06/11/2016
Andrew Tizzard - Spirit of Adventure Testimony (download)
Andrew Tizzard, 06/11/2016
Sally Dixon (download)
Sally Dixon, 03/07/2016
Peter Simmons (download)
Peter Simmons, 03/07/2016
Jeremy Simmons (download)
Jeremy Simmons, 03/07/2016
Andy Garland (download)
Andy Garland, 03/07/2016
Judi Singleton (download)
Judi Singleton, 03/07/2016
Chris Ward (download)
Chris Ward, 19/06/2016
Fernando Angulo-Diaz (download)
Fernando Angulo-Diaz, 19/06/2016
Lynda McAnuff (download)
Lynda McAnuff, 19/06/2016
Andy Garland (download)
Andy Garland, 19/06/2016
Lisa Adams (download)
Lisa Adams, 19/06/2016
Teah Baiden (download)
Teah Baiden, 19/06/2016
Lucy November (download)
Lucy November, 19/06/2016