LifeLine Community Church 

Responding to the complicated issues of our day from a life-giving biblical basis

There are many emotive and divisive issues within our society. Should we weigh-in by picking sides or withdraw from the conversation all together? How do we make sure we don’t just add to the noise but are salt and light? How do we make sure we aren’t tossed about by the waves of opinions, fads and fears? In a saturated market of speculation masquerading as fact with hidden agendas how do we give space for the wisdom and love of God to direct us?
The Hot Topic series seeks to empower our people by providing a calm environment where the various arguments can be explored and considered. We look to process all issues through the ultimate truth filter of the Bible and ask ourselves ‘What pleases Him?’
Number 1 Media Number 2 Immigration debate2
Number 3 Getting to grips with

Number 4 Why does God allow su

Number  5 Diversity in the Chu It's just not fair