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#3: Getting to grips with a sexualised society

"Sex sells, and the whole world is buying” Creed lyrics, Signs
Do we need to accept that every generation will be more deplorable that the next? In 15 years’ from now will we consider the sexual content currently on our tv, in our music or social media as nothing compare to what will be presented then?
Is it realistic to expect to live sexually moral lives in an overly sexualised society? Is withdrawal from society the only way to maintain our purity?
But what if we were on the front foot? What if we were so proud and fascinated by the purity of God’s love story for us that it revolutionised how we thought and act? What if we could offer an alternative narrative on this subject? 

WATCH these Film Clips

<< LEFT Jeff Bethke. Recommend watching from 8mins & 54 seconds

>>>  Sexualisation of children debated on BB Breakfast Time

>>  Bullied for being same-sex attrached and faithful to the teaching of Jesus? Watch Sam Allberry speak to the Church of England General Synod
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