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#5: Diversity in the church: What should or shouldn't we do?

Diversity. Simply defined just means a variety of things. But within our society it means a lot. It is about justice, inclusion and respect. All are very commendable goals.
However, ‘diversity’ can also become a stick with which we beat each other. The agenda can ‘go off the rails’. We can become too concerned with our own standing in society and neglect others. We can become overly sensitive. The effort to make things accessible for a particular group can unintentionally make that group exclusive of the whole. Unfortunately sometimes we feel the need to create an enemy to attack in order to promote the welfare of our tribe. All too often we see mod justice prowling for another scalp. Do we have to be this way?
In this Hot Topic we explore God’s original intention when He created such beautiful diversity. How do we please Him through the way we approach diversity?

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<< LEFT  Referred to in the Cultural Context powerpoint. This reporter explores how Student Unions are protecting students from harmful speech.

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